CARBTROL Equipment Wash Water Recycle Systems

Easily Integrated ▪ Easily Maintained ▪ EPA-Recommended Technology

Save Wash Water in Highway and Public Works Wash Stations

Carbtrol Water Recycling and Reclaiming Systems CARBTROL’S State-of-the-Art Activated Carbon-based Wash Water Recycle Systems Use EPA-Recommended Technology

CARBTROL offers a complete line of proven, high quality equipment equipment wash water recycling and treatment systems for commercial, industrial, and military use. Our equipment wash water recycle systems are ideal for public works garages and highway equipment wash operations. Equipment wash water is reclaimed, treated and recycled, which conserves water and reduces or eliminates contaminant discharge. Modular treatment packages are available for water flows ranging from 10 to 240 GPM, with custom Equipment wash water systems designed by experienced engineers for flows up to 1000 GPM.

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Advantages of CARBTROL Equipment Wash Water Recycle Systems

EPA-Recommended Technology

Employing state-of-the-art activated carbon adsorption, chemical precipitation, and oxidation as recommended by the US-EPA, CARBTROL’S systems are designed to remove contaminants – including suspended solids, petroleum bi-products, herbicides, pesticides, gasoline, and other organic materials – and ensure maximum water clarity for immediate and continuous vehicle wash re-use.

Easily Integrated with your Wash Operations

CARBTROL'S Equipment Wash Water Recycle Systems are designed so that they can be combined with a variety of existing or planned commercial and industrial washing operations. Systems can be customized to your specifications by highly experienced engineers

Minimum Downtime – Easy to Operate

The cost-efficient equipment wash water recovery system is well engineered to operate smoothly with very little maintenance. Simply replace the activated carbon annually. Full water flow is available at all times, with minimum need for operator attention. With CARBTROL equipment wash water recycle systems, there’s no extra start up time, no monthly biologic additives, and no costly and time-consuming service requirements.

Resistant to Upset Conditions

CARBTROL’S Wash Water Recycle Systems are designed to handle changes in waste characteristics and flows, such as small spills or leaks of chemicals or fuel, variations in temperature and pH, or temporary system shutdowns. Other treatment technologies may be subject to process upsets under these conditions. Other wash water recovery systems may also experience foaming problems due to soaps, detergents, or soil conditioners. CARBTROL’S systems are not affected by these fluctuations.

Wide Range of User Applications

CARBTROL has an ever-expanding base of installed systems in a wide range of wash water recycle applications:

Municipal and Highway Truck, Bus and Fleet:

Municipal and Highway Truck, Bus and Fleet System designed for highway maintenance operations

Golf and Sports Field Turf Maintenance Vehicles:

Golf and Sports Field Turf Maintenance Vehicles Compact golf course wash water recycle system for minimum space, Maximum Efficiency

Military Aircraft and Marine Vehicles:

Military Aircraft and Marine Vehicles Large system custom-designed for over-sized military equipment

General and Industrial Equipment:

General and Industrial Equipment Large industrial-use systems custom-designed for a wide variety of industries

CARBTROL wash water recycling systems are manufactured in our factory in Bridgeport, CT, and shipped to our clients location, with CARBTROL technical experts available to supervise installation and train operators as required.

Here's How it Works

Primary Collection Pump for Agitation of Dirty Water

Primary Collection Pump for Agitation of Dirty Water

At water high level, the pump engages and the water is vigorously agitated to ensure that loose waste, dirt, or grass are separated and do not accumulate in the sump.

Hydro Screen for Trash and Grass Separation Shown with Collection Cart

Hydro Screen for Trash and Grass Separation Shown with Collection Cart

Dirty water is pumped from primary sump to the solids separation screen. Filtered water passes through the screen and flows into a transfer sump. If applicable, waste, grass, and dirt are collected in a trash cart.

Hydro Screen for Trash and Grass Separation Shown with Collection Cart

Combined Clarifier/Water Storage Tank For Silt, Fine Sand and Free Oil Removal

Screened wash water is pumped from the transfer sump to the clarifier, where additional solids are removed by gravity separation. The clarifier additionally serves as a water storage tank, prior to final treatment and reuse.

Hydro Screen for Trash and Grass Separation Shown with Collection Cart

Treatment Skid For Filtration – Clear Water Is Available on Demand

Clarified wash water is pumped to the treatment skid, which includes activated carbon adsorption and oxidation as a final polishing step,producing a quality water ready for reuse.


All Ready for Installation

Systems are shop manufactured as modular components and shipped complete with all above ground equipment, ready for easy installation. Once installed, minimum maintenance is required. Activated carbon is simply replaced annually.



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