Environment Remediation Equipment for Groundwater And Soil Remediation Systems

Address Contaminated Groundwater and Soil with Proven Environmental Remediation Technology

Carbtrol Groundwater And Soil Remediation Systems CARBTROL Manufacturers Custom Groundwater and Soil Remediation Systems

CARBTROL has over 30 years of experience in the development of environmental remediation equipment for the treatment of contaminated groundwater and hazardous waste sites. CARBTROL can provide environmental remediation filters or systems for all types of groundwater and soil contamination - including polyfluorinated compounds (PFCs).

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CARBTROL environmental remediation equipment system options:

CARBTROL Water Filtration Systems

Activated carbon filter systems remove organic compounds including polyfluorinated compounds (PFCs) such as PVOA and PVOS. Activated carbon is the safest method for removal of PFCs.

CARBTROL Diffused Aeration Strippers

Very low profile (3' height) air stripper removes up to 99% of VOC compounds up to 50 GPM. Easy to clean design is resistant to iron fouling problems

CARBTROL Counterflow Plate Strippers

Low profile (6' to 8' height) for higher flows (150 gpm) or more difficult stripping operations. Easy access to aeration plates for cleaning.

CARBTROL Multi-phase (Dual) Extraction System:

MPX Systems utilize a single liquid ring vacuum pump to accomplish product recovery, vapor extraction and groundwater pumping in one operation. Vacuum to 25” HG.

CARBTROL Oil Water Separator

The latest in oil coalescing technology in a compact (2 ½ – 4' height) in an easy to clean package. Dual hydropack coalescers allow units to be cleaned without interrupting treatment. Capacities to 100 GPM.

CARBTROL Iron Removal Filter

Our gravity flow filter is ideal for pre-filtration ahead of activated carbon or re-injection well. The unit removes precipitated iron by a combination of settling and filtering on vertical fabric filter plates. Filter plates are designed for easy removal and cleaning. Capacities to 40 GPM.

CARBTROL Remediation System installed in Shed CARBTROL Remediation System installed in Shed

CARBTROL Custom Remediation Trailer CARBTROL Custom Remediation Trailer