Activated Carbon Filtration for Liquid Purification

High Pressure Design

High Pressure Design

Large High Pressure Design

Large High Pressure Design

Two Stage Drums

Two Stage Drums


CARBTROL manufactures activated carbon filters for adsorption of organic compounds and residual disinfectants from water streams.  Activated carbon may also be used to remove undesirable odors and colors from other liquids such as ethanol.  A variety of high activity activated carbons are available to suit your application. All activated carbon adsorption equipment is designed for a low pressure drop.

Activated Carbon Filtration is ideal for high (>75 g/mol) molecular weight, low solubile organics.  Organics are less soluble and more adsorbable at a lower pH.  As the pH increases, removal decreases.  The upper limit for contaminant concentration is around several hundred ppm, for higher concentrations, hold time may need to be increased.  Contact our engineers for a consultation.

Ethanol (grain alcohol) has become a readily-available and inexpensive main ingredient in the manufacture of hand sanitizer. However, most of the ethanol available today contains undesirable odors and other impurities. By pumping ethanol through Carbtrol activated carbon filters, the undesirable odors and other organic impurities are removed and the ethanol is purified and deodorized. Typical odors removed include corn/musty odors, liquor/tequila/rum odors, and sulfur/egg odors. Typical organic impurities removed include acetaldehyde, methyl ethyl ketone (MEK), and sulfur-based compounds. 

CARBTROL's filters remove Polyfluroalkyl substances, known as PFAS.  PFAS are chemicals found in everyday items such as firefighting foam, non-stick cookware, and stain-resistant fabrics.  

CARBTROL also offers a range of solutions for eliminating chlorine and chloramine from water in order to improve water taste and protect other water treatment equipment.  We offer both standard activated carbon and catalytic carbons to meet our customers' particular needs.

Liquid phase carbon filters have capacities up to 600 gpm and are available in low pressure or high pressure design. High pressure units are available as NSF 61 Certified Filters for potable water and food/beverage applications.

CARBTROL activated carbon filters last significantly longer than competitor's units, delivering 15 – 20% greater bed life and performance.

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Maximum Flow

Amount of Carbon Design Pressure Approximate Dimensions Shipping Weight
Epoxy-Coated Steel Drum Filter
  L-1 10 gpm 200 lbs 10 psi 24"Ø x 34"h 250 lbs
Epoxy-Coated Steel Adsorber Filters


L-4 50 gpm 1,000 lbs 11 psi 48"Ø x 64"h 1,700 lbs
  L-5 50 gpm 1,800 lbs 11 psi 48"Ø x 88"h 2,675 lbs
High Pressure Fiberglass Reinforced (FRP) Filters 
  HP-90 10 gpm 90 lbs 150 psi 13"Ø x 57"h 135 lbs
  HP-200 10 gpm 200 lbs 150 psi 22"Ø x 50"h 250 lbs
  HP-600 35 gpm 600 lbs 58 psi 30"Ø x 89"h 350 lbs.
  HP-800 50 gpm 800 lbs 58 psi 36"Ø x 89"h 425 lbs.
  HP-1100 75 gpm 1,100 lbs 58 psi 42"Ø x 89"h 550 lbs.
  HP-1400 90 gpm 1,400 lbs 58 psi 48"Ø x 88"h 675 lbs.
  HP-1900 125 gpm 1,900 lbs 58 psi 55"Ø x 91"h 775 lbs.
  HP-2500 165 gpm 2,500 lbs 58 psi 63"Ø x 90"h 850 lbs.
  HP-3400 220 gpm 3,400 lbs 58 psi 71"Ø x 89"h 1,100 lbs.
  HP-5200 325 gpm 5,200 lbs 58 psi 88"Ø x 95"h 2,000 lbs.
  HP-6500 425 gpm 6,500 lbs 58 psi 99"Ø x 99"h 2,900 lbs.
  HP-9300 600 gpm 9,300 lbs 58 psi 118"Ø x 112"h 3,900 lbs.
 Note: HP-600 vessels and larger are also available in a design pressure of 87 psi or 116 psi.
High Pressure Fiberglass Reinforced (FRP) Filters, NSF 61 Certified for Potable Water Applications
  HP-90-NSF 10 gpm 90 lbs 150 psi 13"Ø x 57"h 135 lbs
  HP-200-NSF 10 gpm 200 lbs 150 psi 22"Ø x 50"h 250 lbs
  HP-500-NSF 25 gpm 500 lbs 150 psi 30"Ø x 92"h 1,000 lbs
  HP-1000-NSF 50 gpm 1,000 lbs 150 psi 36"Ø x 92"h 1,500 lbs
  HP-1700-NSF 100 gpm 1,700 lbs 150 psi 48"Ø x 103"h 2,400 lbs
  HP-2600-NSF 160 gpm 2,600 lbs 150 psi 63"Ø x 99"h 3,660 lbs
  HP-4100-NSF 170 gpm 4,100 lbs 150 psi 63"Ø x 130"h 5,430 lbs
  HP-5400-NSF 180 gpm 5,400 lbs 150 psi 63"Ø x 158"h 7,000 lbs