Sewage Odor Treatment

Carbtrol Corporation experienced engieers will select from our wide range of carbons and other media for your specific sewage odor problem.  Our systems are designed for under 100 CFM to over 13,000 CFM and remove VOCs, sewage, hydrogen sulfide and other odors.


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Hydrogen Sulfide Removal

For Passive Ventilation: Up to 500 CFM

Carbtrol's activated carbon drum filters are engineered to remove gases generated at pump stations, lift stations, wet wells and in other odorous areas. Designed for flows up to 500 CFM, Carbtrol's drum filters contain 140 -200 lbs of activated carbon and are available in epoxy coated steel or polyethylene.  Carbtrol also offers catalytic carbon filters for H2S levels over 10 ppm.  Contact Carbtrol for more information on our passive ventilation systems.

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Hydrogen Sulfide Removal

For Forced Ventilation: Under 90 to 1,000 CFM

Carbtrol offers a full range of Air Filtration systems that include an activated carbon canister with an integral blower. Standard sizes from 90 to 1000 CFM. Units are factory assembled in a complete package.  Typical applications include odor control and VOC control from tank vents, sumps, and sewage wet wells.    Carbtrol also offers catalytic carbon filters for H2S levels over 10 ppm.  Other options offered include TEFC and explosion proof motors, weather-shrouds with or without sound attenuation insulation.

Carbtrol's Air Filtration Systems

Forced ventilation drum-size canisters, up to 200 lbs. activated carbon.

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Hydrogen Sulfide Removal

Intermediate Flow Rates: 250 to 2,000 CFM

Carbtrol's Intermediate Flow Adsorbers are complete skid mounted systems.   Included in these packages are the activated carbon adsorber, exhaust fan, control panel and gauges.  Adsorber filter tanks are constructed of FRP and are of a deep bed configuration for maximum contact time and compete odor removal. Options include lid mounted blowers, grease mist eliminators, sound enclosures and high temperature internals.  Carbtrol offers a variety of sizes and carbons to meet your specific sewage odor removal need.   Contact Carbtrol today.

Deep-bed FRP tanks, up to 2400 lbs. carbon

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Hydrogen Sulfide Removal

High Flow Rates: 2,500 to over 20,000 CFM

Carbtrol's High Flow Adsorbers employ a radial flow design for minimum pressure drop.  Odorous air enters through the bottom of the tank, into the center plenum where it is distributed radially through the bed.  The treated air flows out of the pipe at the top of the adsorber tank.  The tanks are constructed of FRP or PPL with PVC internal piping.  Carbon Adsorber may be supplied with exhaust fan, contral pannel and gauges.  Other options include grease mist elminator, sound enclosures and high temperature internals.  Contact Carbtrol and let us design the best system to eliminate sewage odors.

Radial-flow PPL or FRP tanks, up to 20,000 lbs. carbon

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