Natural Gas / Pipeline Compressor Industry

Natural Gas / Pipeline Compressor Industry

CARBTROL offers a complete line of Mercaptan Odor Control Systems utilizing our high capacity activated carbons. These carbons are very effective in controlling mercaptan odors from natural gas pipeline operations.

Activated Carbon Canisters:

From 100 to 500 CFM

55 gallon drum size canisters, 140 to 200 pounds of carbon:

  • High activity carbon for longer life
  • Large piping for low pressure drop
  • High pressure canisters are also available

Carbon Canisters with Blowers:

From 90 to 1,000 CFM

Carbon canister with centrifugal blower mounted on top:

  • Complete system with suction hose and cord/plug
  • Five standard sizes available

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Ken Kikta

Phone: 800-242-1150


Complete Cabinet Systems:

complete cabinet system

275 CFM

Outdoor cabinet with double-wall construction and air vents:


Case Studies

Yankee Gas | Natural Gas Pipeline Case Study

Yankee Gas operates an “LNG Peak Shaving Facility” in Waterbury, CT. The facility takes gas from the supply grid and cools it to a liquid during warm months when natural gas demand is low.