Natural Gas / Pipeline Compressor Industry

Natural Gas / Pipeline Compressor Industry

CARBTROL offers a complete line of Mercaptan Odor Control Systems utilizing our high capacity activated carbon. These carbons are very effective in controlling mercaptan odors from natural gas pipeline operations.

Our mercaptan odor control systems are designed by expert engineers with decades of experience. Our systems eliminate mercaptan odors during regular operations of odorizers, during maintenance, and during refills of odorants. Call CARBTROL now to speak with an engineer about your mercaptan odor control needs or fill out the form on this page.

Activated Carbon Canisters:

From 100 to 500 CFM

55 gallon drum size canisters, 140 to 200 pounds of carbon:

  • High activity carbon for longer life
  • Large piping for low pressure drop
  • High pressure canisters are also available

Carbon Canisters with Blowers:

From 90 to 1,000 CFM

Carbon canister with centrifugal blower mounted on top:

  • Complete system with suction hose and cord/plug
  • Five standard sizes available

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Ken Kikta

Phone: 800-242-1150


Complete Cabinet Systems:

complete cabinet system

275 CFM

Outdoor cabinet with double-wall construction and air vents:


Case Studies

Yankee Gas | Natural Gas Pipeline Case Study

Yankee Gas operates an “LNG Peak Shaving Facility” in Waterbury, CT. The facility takes gas from the supply grid and cools it to a liquid during warm months when natural gas demand is low.


The CARBTROL activated carbon mercaptan odor control system allows for cost-effective and long lasting control of mercaptan odors in natural gas and other industrial processes. Using activated carbon for adsorption, the mercaptan odors are trapped inside the carbon filter safely.

CARBTROL mercaptan odor control systems are available in both mobile and stationary configurations. A mobile unit allows users to deploy the odor control system wherever it is needed, while a stationary configuration is ideal for odorization rooms.

If you have questions about which mercaptan odor control system is right for your needs, CARBTROL engineers are available to answer your questions and help you select a solution that will be right for you. Get in touch with us today to learn how CARBTROL can help.