Military Wash Water Recovery System

Military truck

Carbtrol offers a line of wash water recycle systems to provide high quality water for washing military vehicles. The Carbtrol systems allows military bases to reuse 90% of the wash water, reducing total water use and saving money. Zero liquid discharge systems are also available. The Carbtrol military wash water recovery system is suitable for all branches.

  • Activated Carbon technology
  • No operator required
  • 10 GPM and up

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Benefits of the Carbtrol military wash water recovery system

  • Reliable operations - water is always available for washing
  • Prevents the discharge of oils, dirt, grime, trace fuels and other contaminants to sewers
  • Removes odors
  • Low maintenance - operates for extended periods without maintenance

Case Studies

U.S. Navy Little Creek, VA

This Carbtrol wash water recovery system supports the U.S. Navy's wash system for assault craft. It is Carbtrol's largest wash water recycle system rated @ 800 GPM.

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