Cultivation/Greenhouse Odor Control


Eliminate Odors at Commercial Greenhouses and Processing Areas.

Carbtrol Corporation has been solving environmental odor problems for over 35 years. Cannabis flowers emit a particularly powerful smell. Activated carbon filters from Carbtrol Corporation are the most effective way to eliminate commercial greenhouse and processing room odors. Odor causing compounds are adsorbed into the pores of the carbon where they remain trapped.

Carbtrol's Air Purification Systems offer a compact solution for processing rooms and curing rooms.  They may be simply plugged into a standard outlet.  For large growing areas, Carbtrol engineers have designed the G16X for airflows up to 32,000 CFM and the Multi-Bed Greenhouse Odor Adsorber to specifically address large commercial cannabis greenhouses.

Contact Carbtrol and let our engineers provide a solution for your specific commercial cannabis growing application.

Cannabis Marjuana Greenhouse Odor ControlG16X for Greenhouse Air Purification

Extraction Oven Odor Control

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