Chemical Manufacturers

Chemical Manufacturers

Chemical Manufacturers select Carbtrol Canisters because they last two to four times longer and are more cost effective over time than most of our competitors.

Here's why:

  • More carbon! A full 200 lbs in our G-1 (vapor phase) canisters.
  • Higher quality – virgin coconut shell carbon. Vapor phase average CCl4 Activity #: 60%
  • Higher gauge steel - 16 gauge epoxy-lined 55 gallon canisters vs. 18 gauge for many of our competitors.
  • Internal piping designed for low pressure drops

Specifications for popular Carbtrol vapor phase canisters:

Carbtrol Activated Carbon Canisters

Model Max. Flow Carbon Pressure Spec Ship Weight


100 CFM

200 lbs

10 psi

2'Ø x 34"h

250 lbs


300 CFM

170 lbs

10 psi

2'Ø x 34"h

220 lbs


500 CFM

140 lbs

10 psi

2'Ø x 34"h

190 lbs

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Carbtrol offers odor control and water recycling and treatment solutions for the following liquid and vapor applications:


Liquid Phase

Vapor Phase