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Paul Iacozza

Phone: 800-242-1150

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New Jersey Turnpike Truck Wash

Industrial Water Recycling System

Carbtrol offers engineered Industrial Water Recycle Systems utilizing activated carbon technology

Process steps include:

Solids Separation  ---  Oil Water Separation 
Removal of Organics  ---  Air Stripping
Ion Exchange  ---  Ozonation

Our "L" Series Canisters and Adsorbers for liquid phase applications such as wash water, rinse water, water supply, dewatering, and wastewater, remove:

•Most low-solubility organic compounds
• PCBs
• Oil and grease
•Explosive residues (pink water/red water)
•Landfill leachate compounds
•Other contaminants

Advantages of Carbtrol Recycle Systems are:

Case Studies

U.S. Navy Little Creek, VA

This Carbtrol recycling system supports the U.S. Navy's wash system for assault craft. It is Carbtrol's largest wash water recycle system rated @ 800 GPM.