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Ken Kikta

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Industrial VOC / Odor Control Systems

Industrial Applications for Activated Carbon Systems include:

Our "G" Series Canisters and Adsorbers for air phase applications such as tank vents, process vents, and degreaser vents, to remove:

Carbtrol offers complete technical assistance in evaluating industrial odor control applications. Our computerized adsorption performance programs accurately predict carbon system performance for hundreds of air contaminants.

Case Studies

Wash Water Recycling for Golf Courses

Tetra Tech | Green Bay, WI Case Study

Tetra Tech Remediation Project using Carbtrol G-15PPL Activated Carbon Adsorbers

Yankee Gas | Natural Gas Pipeline Case Study

Yankee Gas operates an “LNG Peak Shaving Facility” in Waterbury, CT. The facility takes gas from the supply grid and cools it to a liquid during warm months when natural gas demand is low.