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Paul Iacozza


Industrial Odor Control Systems

Industrial Applications for Activated Carbon Systems include:

Our "G" Series Canisters and Adsorbers for air phase applications such as tank vents, process vents, and degreaser vents, to remove:

Carbtrol offers complete technical assistance in evaluating industrial odor control applications. Our computerized adsorption performance programs accurately predict carbon system performance for hundreds of air contaminants.

Case Studies

Tetra Tech | Green Bay, WI Case Study

Tetra Tech Remediation Project using Activated Carbon Units and Carbtrol G-15PPL Adsorbers and G-15PPL Adsorber

Yankee Gas | Natural Gas Pipeline Case Study

Yankee Gas operates an “LNG Peak Shaving Facility” in Waterbury, CT. The facility takes gas from the supply grid and cools it to a liquid during warm months when natural gas demand is low.