VOC Removal With Activated Carbon

CARBTROL's Activated Carbon Adsorbers and Canisters are designed to efficiently remove VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds) from air streams. These systems handle high flows with exceptionally low pressure losses. They offer the added benefit of smaller footprint than conventional units.

Our Adsorbers and Canisters are particularly well suited for a variety of VOC control applications. These include solvent and soil vapor emissions, odor control, tank venting, fugitive emissions, tank car unloading operations, HAP control, NESHAP compliance,etc.

Carbon units can be provided with blowers designed to pull the VOC through the carbon bed and discharge as purified air from the blower outlet... an arrangement particularly effective in odor control applications. Canisters without blower attachment are effective in passive tank venting applications.

CARBTROL's activated carbon is of particularly high quality with an excellent pore structure and an Carbon Tet. Activity Number averaging 60%. It provides good adsorptive capacity for longer life and more efficient adsorption characteristics.

CARBTROL has been supplying activated carbon systems to the environmental and chemical processing industry since 1983. Our units range in capacities from 100 to 5000 CFM and contain from 140 to 2600 pounds of vapor phase activated carbon.

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VOC Removal With Activated Carbon
VOC Removal With Activated Carbon
VOC Removal With Activated Carbon