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Oily Waste-water Treatment

Oily Wastewater Treatment
CARBTROL Oily Wastewater Treatment System with optional Clarifier

Carbtrol offers an Oily Wastewater Treatment System designed to treat a range of oily water applications including floor drain oily waste from maintenance areas, industrial oily process wastewater, parking lot runoffs, and bilge water. The Treatment System is efficient and requires little maintenance.

The basic treatment system includes:

OIL WATER SEPARATOR... for free oil removal. Designed for 15 to 100 gpm, Unit removes free oil down to 10 ppm of droplets greater than 20 microns.

SAND FILTER... to remove oil-coated suspended solids. Units are high flow pressure Filters, with low pressure drop, back washable, to remove solids down to 20 microns.

Other treatment steps that can be added to the system to suit your application needs include:

CLARIFIER... for heavy solids load. Cone bottom, vertical tank provides settling capacity for all settleable solids.

CLAY/COAL CANISTER... for emulsified oil removal. An organophilic clay/coal media breaks emulsions and adsorbs up to 60% by weight free hydrocarbons.

ACTIVATED CARBON CANISTER... for dissolved oil removal. A coal based, high capacity carbon, it provides a polishing step when needed.


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