Dye Penetrant Inspection Systems

An Activated Carbon Canister

Carbtrol's filtration solutions prevent discharge of florescent dye and allow manufacturers to recycle the water.

Fluorescent dyes are used to inspect machined parts to detect defects that may compromise a manufactured part's integrity or quality. Inspected parts must be thoroughly cleaned after an inspection.

The Carbtrol L-1 Canister is a popular solution for machined parts manufacturers.


  • Handles up to 10 GPM
  • 200 pounds of high activity carbon
  • Large 1 1/4” internal piping – our design eliminates channeling
  • Standard FPT couplings for easy installation – saves time and money
  • Special “no leak” lid gasket
  • Heavy duty steel drum, acceptable for transporting of hazardous spent carbon

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Carbtrol activated carbon, vapor phase canisters:

Model L-1 Activated Carbon Canisters

L-1 Features:

Activated Carbon Canisters L-1