Petroleum Refineries

Petroleum Refineries

Petroleum Refineries select Carbtrol Canisters because they last considerably longer and are more cost effective over time than most of our competitors.

Here's why:

  • More carbon! A full 200 lbs in our G-1 (vapor phase) canisters.
  • Higher quality – virgin coconut shell carbon. Vapor phase average CC14 #: 60.
  • Higher gauge steel - 16 gauge epoxy-lined 55 gallon canisters vs. 18 gauge for many of our competitors.
  • Internal piping designed for low pressure drops

Specifications for popular Carbtrol vapor phase canisters:

Carbtrol Activated Carbon Canisters

Model Max. Flow Carbon Pressure Spec Ship Weight


100 CFM

200 lbs

10 psi

2'Ø x 34"h

250 lbs


300 CFM

170 lbs

10 psi

2'Ø x 34"h

220 lbs


500 CFM

140 lbs

10 psi

2'Ø x 34"h

190 lbs

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