Food Manufacturers, Dairies and Breweries

Carbtrol offers a wide variety of solutions for food manufacturers, dairies and breweries. Our drum canisters and absorbers remove unwanted odors, colors and tastes from water and carbonation gases to ensure quality ingredients. We also supply nuisance odor control equipment as well as NSF 61 Certified adsorbers for potable water.

NSF 61 Certified Adsorbers:
HP-90 10 gpm 90 lbs 75 psi 13"Ø x 57"h 135 lbs
HP-200 10 gpm 200 lbs 75 psi 22"Ø x 50"h 250 lbs
HP-500 25 gpm 500 lbs 75 psi 30"Ø x 92"h 1,000 lbs
HP-1000 50 gpm 1,000 lbs 75 psi 36"Ø x 92"h 1,500 lbs
HP-1700 100 gpm 1,700 lbs 75 psi 48"Ø x 103"h 2,400 lbs

Additional Information for Food Processing Plants:

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