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Activated Carbon Systems 

Activated Carbon Systems
A full range of activated carbon filters for air and water treatment with capacities to 200 GPM and 20,000 CFM.


Owl's Head WPCP
Brooklyn, NY

Solved sewage odor problem in highly populated waterfront community with (2) GC2-24 FRP skid-mounted deep bed adsorbers.
Flow Capacity: 4000 CFM
Start Up: Summer 2010

U.S. Navy
Little Creek, VA

Provided wash water recycle system for their LCAC amphibious transport air-cushioned assault craft.
Flow Capacity: 800 GPM
Start Up: Winter 2010

Tetra Tech
Green Bay, WI
Provided fourteen (14) G-15 Activated Carbon Adsorbers, each with a capacity of 14,000 CFM, for an Emission/Odor Control System at a PCB Remediation Site.
Capacity: 196,000 CFM
Start Up: Spring 2009

Knoll Country Club
Parsippany, NJ
Provided maintenance vehicle washwater recycle system including screens, clarifier, activated carbon, and ozonator.
Flow Capacity: 40 GPM
Start Up: Summer 2009

Odor Control Systems

Odor Control Systems
A full line of systems utilizing activated carbon for odor control and sewage odor control. Also available are air purification systems that include a carbon canister with an integral blower.

Water Recycle Systems

Wash Water Treatment and Recycling
A full line of wash water treatment and recycle systems for vehicle wash water and industrial water reuse. Specialized designs are available for golf course water recycle systems and vehicle wash water recycle systems.

Industrial Applications

Industrial Applications
A full line of activated carbon filters to remove organics and/or hydrogen sulfide from vapor and liquid streams.

Remediation Equipment

Remediation Equipment
A full line of groundwater remediation equipment, soil vapor extraction equipment and packaged treatment systems.

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